Freemasonry: Making Good Men Better

Exploring leaders is a year long program at Aultman Health Foundation geared towards developing and polishing the leadership skills of its participants. Its mission is to empower students with skills they would need to make affective decision as an employee, a leader, a family member and a community member.


Search Engine Optimization for Executives

If you own a business or you are an executive in the corporate world, chances are you may have heard the work "SEO" from your marketing department. Contrary to how SEO companies portray the difficulty of this task, the SEO or Search engine optimization is a relatively simple process.


Why you should develop Mobile Apps in HTML 5

Mobile presence either through mobile App or website is increasingly becoming the new norm. The new generation begins its search through Tablets, Phablets and smartphones; and this includes searching for services in the local area. From the business point of view this need begs the question of what would the best and cost efficient strategy to offer mobile services?