Obama, Romney and the Medicare cuts

Recently Obama accused Romney of “ending Medicare as we know it”. The Romney camp fired back saying “it is Obama who is endangering Medicare by already cutting billions from it” and that it is the Republicans who are trying to save it. So who is right?


Middle Class & The ObamaCare Taxes

The Obamacare mandate brings more than one kind of tax with it and it may actually affect the middle class. Before you read further, I would like to make it clear that my intention is not to take sides or bash Democrats or Republicans. I have done my earnest effort to have an independent take on what kind of taxes will come with Obamacare and how they will affect us.


ASP.NET Password in Web Config

Security requirements for account login credentials can vary among different .NET projects. In some cases we have specific requirements for minimum required password length, password strength and the format the password will be stored in the database. These requirements can be easily changed through web.config’s membership > provider area.


Do doctors hate EHR/HIEs systems?

Quite a few times I have heard the notion within IT circles that going electronic from paper records takes too long because many doctors don’t like them; and from many doctors I have heard that the way electronic transformation is being pushed on them is not efficient and will result into them having to hire extra staff just to manage the electronic system.


Interview Video

I am sure there must be some good stories in your bag of memories if one of your duties is to be the hiring manager and interview candidates. Here is a little video we made about interview mistakes.  It's not very top notch but you will enjoy it.

SEO No Nos

There was once a time when search engine optimization used to be pure organic (home grown) and was usually done through unique quality content. Then came the SEO companies who introduced different gimmicks and tools to help temporarily and artificially achieve higher rankings. The SEO marketing industry epidemic caught on and now all of the "SEO gurus" are basically touting the same exact methods.