Achieving success in corporate culture

You go to work every day, happily accept any work that is given to you and do what is required of your job and yet your job seems to be going nowhere. You feel like your hard work is not being recognized. This is a tell tale sign that it’s time you should recalculate your career options.


AultCare as an Employer

Whenever I see Esurance’s “built to save money” commercial, it reminds me of the AultCare Insurance Company. I wanted to write a post about it for some time but resisted due to the possibility that it may very well be taken as “I am just saying so because AultCare is my employer”. Nevertheless I decided to write about it because it is important to understand that the organizational cultures and their mission statements are more than just mere operating rules. The kind of culture an organization implements affects its workers on multiple levels.


Must have features in Private Health Exchanges

Regardless of the healthcare reform’s long term future, the private exchanges are here to stay. The idea of private health exchanges came at a time when employers were eager to explore new options due to the rising medical costs and the exchanges gave them that new option.